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Online Class Details

We would like to introduce a very powerful course known as “ANTHAR YOGANIDRA” . This is meant for those who have already undergone Yoganidra course . This may prolong for nearly 50 sessions. Those who are willing to join, please register online. Sessions will be conducted on every Sundays starting from 5th September 2021.

  1. Date of commencement  - 5th September 2021

  2. Time                                    - 8.45am IST to 10.15am IST

  3. Language                            - English (10% of the time may be utilized for those who are unable to understand English properly. Language will not be an obstacle for this course.)

  4. Registration closing date - 1st September 2021

  5. Purpose                               - To make you disease free provided you participate with total enthusiasm and zeal

During the process of this special Yoganidra, almost all 72 thousand Nadis in your psychic body will be activated and you will experience it.  Whatever learnt in the class has to be practiced everyday for an hour or more.


  1. Continuous attendance /participation in the course only will give you the best results. 

  2. Only registered participants will be allowed to participate in the course. Late entries will not be entertained as joining in between a course will not be fruitful to assimilate the special knowledge of the course.

  3. This information may be circulated among your close and deserving friends.

  4. Daily experiences of yours need to be recorded to discuss with Poojya Guruji in the subsequent class. 

  5. Entries will be rejected for those who try to join after 8.50am IST.

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