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Poojya Guruji

Shri Devadas is named as DEVBABA by the renowned Avadoot Saint “HANS BABA” of VINDHYACHAL. Devbaba is the founder leader of our Ashram with ten trusted & versatile trustees. His birth place is in Kasargod, Kerala state. He was the second son of Smt. Sharadamma and Sri Vamana Rao Shenoy, born on 22nd of December 1940. He was pressurized by parents for marriage in 1965.


He was happily married to Jyothi and blessed with 3 good children. He was a science and law graduate with highest Diploma in Banking. He was very adventurous and thus he selected Banking as his career. As an Inspecting officer of nationalized Vijaya Bank he travelled length & breadth of our country for 9 long years. During this period he met his first Guru, Great Himalayan Master Naren Baba in Nasik. His deep routed interest in Yoga was thus kindled. He was asked by the great Master to visit Amarnath of Himalayas.


It was in August 26, 1976 energetic young Devdas was initiated by his first great Master in his Amarnath cave home. Thus he was enrolled in to the hierarchy of Himalayan Masters. Thus came the Himalayas tradition to the south in the name of “Shree Shakthi Darshan Yogashram”, headed by Sri Devbaba.

After initiation the master went into total silence. Never opened his eyes. He was in total SAMADHI. Devbaba was waiting for his Master to open. On the 48th day the Master opened his eyes and asked Devbaba to leave the place the very day and report back to his work place. Certainly the master noticed the danger of his young disciple staying further in the cave. Devbaba returned from Amarnath and reported back to work and joined the family: though his intention was to remain in Himalayas for ever. His master did not permit him to do so. Thereafter Devbaba used to visit his Master every year at the instance of inner call from his Guru. This practice continued till 1982. Problem of militants, armed attacks in Kashmir stopped Devbaba from visiting Amarnath. In 1984 Devbaba met his Guru for the last time just before his Mater was leaving the body. He witnessed the cosmic union of the great (Masters’) soul. Just before leaving the body the master called and blessed Devbaba for imparting the knowledge of Himalayan tradition to the people in South during appropriate time when it comes. The great Master assured Devbaba to guide him in every walk of his Yoga life.

During 1987 Devbaba was called by NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science) to participate as a research subject under ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) project. They were conducting research in “Yoga” with special emphasis of “Pranayama Kriya”. Great Himalayan Yogi Swami Rama has also joined this research as special observer. Dr. Desi Raju, Professor & H.O.D. of Neuro physiology was heading the research. Though Devbaba was called for a day, observing his brain waves, he was requested to remain for a week. Devbaba agreed. During these seven days he developed intimacy with the great Master Swamy Rama. Devbaba requested Swamy Rama to take him as his disciple and bless. Eventually, he came to know that Swamy Rama was knowing the late master Naren Baba of Amarnath; readily agreed to bless Devbaba and guide him in his meditation. Thereafter Devbaba visited Rishikesh and Dehradun to meet his new Master on several occasions. Once Swamy Rama advised Devbaba to remain in his own place and meditate.

In 1992 Swamy Rama said to Devbaba “Child you need not come here again and again. You regularly meditate wherever you are; but inform me routine time of your meditation”. Accordingly Devbaba used to get appropriate direction in meditation between 4 AM to 7 AM every day. Last message of great Master, Swamy Rama was received on 13th November 1996 at Trivandrum which was “see my child, I leave my body”. “Shall I come to Rishikesh” asked Devbaba “NO” , was the answer of the Master. Next day Devbaba took leave from office and meditated continuously. When pain of separation of Master gained intensity, Swamy Ramas’ voice echoed “Whose death”? “For whom you vail?” That was the day Swamy Rama took Samadhi. Since then Devbaba began his meditation continuously for seven days during first week of every month. Soon he resigned his bank job and joined hands with his friends to start the Ashram.

He began his meditation on the hill-top freely given to him by his friend Mr. Balakrishna Shastry at Talipady, Kinnigoli in Mangalore Taluka. Slowly people gathered around and Ashram developed by itself by the meditators.

Employees of Mangalore Port first invited Devbaba (our Guruji) to start a Satsangh (Meditation Group) in 1992. Later they worked hard and developed the Ashram. Also people from nearby towns approached Guruji to start Satsanghas. Slowly the Himalayan message started spreading in and around Mangalore. Today after 10 years there are nearly 80 Satsangha’s spreading throughout our country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Though Ashram is progressing Guruji says “Ashram is yours. Meditation is ours”. In spite of hectic programmes, his silence and meditation time is increased to 2 weeks every month, from 1st to 14th.

In 2003 another great Master of Himalayan tradition “Brahmavetha Sri Devaraha Hans Baba” visited our Ashram. He bestowed on Guruji all his blessings and renamed him as “Devbaba”. Hence Guruji was also called as Devbaba.

Hans Baba is from Bhakti Panth. But as a saint, he is visiting to bless all meditators and encourage them to meditate more. According to Guruji all spiritual paths are one and the same. It is the human mind which creates new path to divide and rule.

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