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  • 1. What is this course about?
    This course is divided into 3 parts or stages:1st stage is regarding physical level. Any sickness in the physical body can be easily treated through mind power in Yoganidra. 2nd stage is in psychic level. It begins with Kundalini Beejamantra. Single mantra of every chakra will be repeated, and experiences will be observed. Later they will go to Samadhi level through meditation in Yoganidra. In 3rd stage, efforts will be made to go beyond psychic level wherein astral travel training will be imparted. Way to higher dimensional path will be taught. This is also done through Yoganidra.
  • 2. When are the classes held?
    Please refer the course calendar in the programs section.
  • 3. Can I attend only few classes?
    This course requires that you attend all classes. If you miss any class, the course will not have the desired effect. If you attend a class after missing few sessions, you may not be able to understand the instructions. We urge you to commit yourself to attend all 18 classes spread over 6 months.
  • 4. What are the fees for this class?
    You are free to donate for a noble cause of protecting Kapila cows. However, you please contact 9008896439 on call or 9743209540 on whatsapp for complete details. In case anybody wants to donate, our bank details below: Shri Shakthidarshan Yogashram Canara Bank, Kinnigoli branch SB account number: 0635101012289 IFSC: CNRB0010136 Please note: Donations are eligible for 80G exemption under IT act.
  • 5. When I attend the class can others in my family attend along with me?
    Please call 9008896439 or WhatsApp 9743209540 to before doing so.
  • 6. Is this a live session?
  • 7. Is there an age limit?
  • 8. Can I attend if I have certain health conditions (hypertension, Diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cancer, menstruation, pregnancy, thyroid problems)?"
  • 9. Should I be on empty stomach when attending the session?
    A light or empty stomach condition is preferred.
  • 10. How should my room be when attending the session?
    It is recommended to attend the session in a quiet room with enough ventilation.
  • 11. Do I need a yoga mat?
    Yoga mat is not mandatory. You can use any blanket or carpet. Please ensure that there is enough place for you to lie down without touching the person next to you. Aged people can use easy chairs too.
  • 12. How do I login to the session?
    A meeting link will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Click on the link sent from a smartphone or laptop 15 minutes before the session starts. You can use earphones or external speaker to listen better.
  • 13. Should I keep my video and audio on?
    It is recommended to keep your microphone always muted and keep your video on.
  • 14. If I drop off due to some reason can I join back immediately?
    Yes you can join back immediately.
  • 15. Could I talk to Guruji or ask a question? When could I do that?
    Personal one to one interaction with Guruji will not be possible in the interest of time of all attendees present in the session. However, you can type your question in chat window and Guruji will answer all of them at the end. It will help everyone in the class if your question is about general topics and problems related to spiritual life.
  • 16. How can I meet Guruji?
    You can visit our Ashram on days when Guruji meets public. The details will be available in the Shaktidarshan magazine.
  • 17. How can I know more about Guruji?
    You can read his biography and other books published by Ashram.
  • 18. How can I help Guruji’s projects?
    If you wish to help financially you can send a donation to Ashram. If you want to volunteer for the various projects, please visit our Ashram and meet Guruji on days when Guruji meets public.
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